Adopting template pipelines for organization's data and needs
You have the data, but don't know how to start dealing with the analytical problem or need a baseline model? We've created solutions for industry use cases, like demand forecasting and fraud detection and called them "templates" "template" pipeline is a sequence of bricks needed to get from the data (we've included samples for your convenience!) to the solution, like ML model and inventory forecasting dashboard. It consists of renaming, missing values treatment, aggregation, modeling or prediction bricks. You need to perform a very low amount of operations, to adopt these templates for your datasets and formats. Just connect your data, do minor tweaks to adopt it to the existing pipeline, click on "run" - and you have a fully functioning end-to-end model for your problem, the model could be deployed or dashboard published in a few clicks! Moreover, you can create your template pipelines to share with other power users or viewers.
Need a custom pipeline?