We are data science enthusiasts and promoters.

The idea of Datrics.ai was born once we've realised that data-driven decision making is still a big challenge for Enterprises and we have everything to change this!


Datrics.ai founders have 10+ years in Software Development and Data Science fields, including extensive financial expertise with retail and IB banking along with doing consulting business within applied data science field, managing and implementing sustainable finance projects.

Overall our domain expertise covers retail, manufacturing, financial services, cooperation with banks and small fintech startups.


Having most of the clients from the Nordic region, we established trustworthy relations with local companies. Our projects were supported by Government Authorities in Sweden and Germany, big Nordic banks and research organisations. Having a big partner network in Sweden, we have conducted few fintech events.

Meet our team

Who we are

Anton Vaisburd

Kirill Kirikov

Volodymyr Sofinskyi

Ex-Data Science Manager and Consultant, Ex-Barclays IB analytics, built 30+ FTEs data science consulting team in SoftServe (10k FTEs). Co-founder of Fizmatik (olympiad mathematics for children), 3000+ monthly visitors.

Principal Architect, 13+ years dev experience, managing team (up to 30 specialists), released more than 100 apps. Ex-CTO and Co-founder of R&D studio 4irelabs.

Data science and advanced analytics expert, including engagements with top tier investment banks. Research areas are Predictive Analytics, Deep Learning and Recommender Systems.

Helen Petrashchuk

Kseniia Kirykova

Roman Malkevych

Managing Partner. Business Developer, Startup connector with + 7 years in business development and management of the outsourcing company. Building the Nordic DeFi Community with the TOP RegTech companies, Accelerators, banks and local FinTech/ DeFi startups.

Graphic designer with +5 years in creating user-friendly UX/UI creative brand identity and all types of digital design for different devices. Ksenia has a degree in graphic design and strong understating of usability.

Full Stack Developer with 3+ years in creating web applications. Experienced with such technologies as Express.js, RoR, Django, GraphQL, Vue.js, React.js, Sass, Docker.


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